In a very inspiring, humorous and engaging presentation, Dick Stockton shares with audiences his behind-the-scenes experiences in some of the greatest moments in sports.

Stockton talks about what is at the heart of high performing individuals, successful leaders, and coaches. He entertains and captivates his audiences with his unique ability to tell the stories behind these major sports moments and the people who made them happen. Whether you’re developing your leaders, motivating your team for success, understanding the key qualities high performers share or seeking an engaging and relevant presentation for your group, Dick can offer an experience that you’ll never forget.

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This is a popular sports truism meaning that the game isn’t decided on paper. One team might have more talent and might be favored to win the game by oddsmakers, but when the game is actually played there is no certainty that the favorite will always win. After analyzing sports games for over 40 years, Stockton is a master at knowing how the best teams win by never underestimating their competition, being prepared and always doing their best. As one of the most recognized voices in sports, Stockton entertains and captivates his audiences with his unique ability to tell the stories behind many of the major sports happenings and the people who made them happen. He shares key lessons from successes and failures, and “That’s why they play the game to see who’ll win.”


Drawing from his more than four decades of analyzing sports, Stockton observed how different approaches from the finest coaches and managers were instrumental in the success of teams that became champions. He provides his audience with best practices and tools they can utilize to move their own teams to success.


This dynamic presentation is the story of Stockton’s success in a highly-competitive business. How it all developed with twists and turns, highs and lows and ultimate belief in his ability to win. His valuable business lessons and positive mental attitude transcend sports. He gives the audience a 5-step process to motivate themselves and their teams to perform at their highest potential and accomplish goals they never thought were possible.

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Great Coaches Don't Motivate – They Inspire

Sports and Business – Not So Different

The Bill Belichick Story

Popovich – A True Leader

Stockton's Stories of Leadership & A Winning Attitude

Stockton's Love of Mentoring

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