Additional Services

Dick Stockton’s additional services include voice-over, moderating and coaching other sports analysts.


Dick Stockton delivers a widely-recognized voice that brings emotion and sensory experience to your brand, promise and product.  Dick is a master communicator and a great voice talent that delivers immediate credibility that will resonate and connect with your audience and clients. Hire Dick as the voice-over for your next commercial.


Dick Stockton is a terrific moderator, and he makes it look easy.  A true professional that remains calm and matter-of-fact while navigating an interactive dialogue with a group.  He will add credibility to your discussion, and he effectively responds to a variety of personalities including C-level executives, managers, front-line employees and even celebrity athletes. He is not afraid to ask the difficult questions while managing the group dynamics.  His ability to maintain focus and clarity helps your organization identify what is really important for your customers or team members.

Coaching Sports Analysts

Dick Stockton has mentored every NFL analyst on Fox.  His tutorials before, during and after games have helped these newer sports analysts improve at a very quick rate.  He coaches on respecting the silence, pacing your comments and bringing passion to each game.  He also reminds analysts to be intellectually stimulating to your fans by being informative, knowledgeable, prepared and remembering to always enjoy the journey.  Dick is willing to share his years of experience in the industry and his best practices along with some of his most embarrassing moments.  His lessons and candid storytelling are invaluable to any up-and-coming sports analyst.