Quarterbacks Falter in Conference Championship Games

Interesting how the talk after the two conference championship games Sunday started with the performance of the quarterbacks.

Focusing on the QB’s on the losing end:  Tom Brady of the Patriots and Carson Palmer of the Cardinals, it was how Brady continued to show why he hasn’t had much success in Denver and how Palmer simply was horrid.

True, Palmer made some really bad throws resulting in interceptions, but his troubles began right at the start. So did Brady for that matter.
Here’s a guide you can use for any game, not just championship contests: and it’s pretty basic.

Watch how the offensive line executes.
That’ll tip you off on how the game is going for each team.
If a quarterback has time to throw he can pick apart any defense. If he doesn’t he can look like a third-stringer.

Tom Brady had no chance Sunday. His line couldn’t block the Broncos rush.
True, if you can run the ball effectively and use screens to the backs you can keep the defense honest.
But ultimately you need to throw to win and if you have to fire away quickly to avoid the rush you can’t get the ball downfield.

Tom Brady couldn’t and neither could Palmer.
The Patriots bravely hung in the game. But Brady never had the time to get any kind of rhythm. Palmer was down by 17 early and had to play catchup on the road.
Bad formula for the losers Sunday.

It all starts up front with the offensive line. And for the Patriots and Cardinals it all ended right there.