Let’s Talk About Food


I’m not hungry right now but I want to talk about food.

Why you ask?

It’s because I love food.

I enjoy a meal while I’m having it.

I look forward to the next meal.

And I have a pretty good idea what I want for that next meal.

In other words, I regard it as an event.

Some may be small events, but they are events nonetheless.




I realize there are many who regard food and dining as necessary practices.

Some even as necessary evils.

You’ve heard the age-old question:

Do you live to eat, or eat to live?

I live to eat. To me it’s the national pastime not baseball.

If you ever see me with a small plate of leaves and vegetables, call the authorities. 

Have them take me away.

I would waive veggies after the first day of camp! 

If you see me with a plate dominated by a thick steak, sit down and join me.

I love steak. Its the “Tom Brady” of my food chain! 

It has to be medium-rare and char-grilled. Pittsburgh-style it’s called.

It could be filet mignon, New York strip, a rib-eye sometimes, a skirt steak. You get the idea.



Is that all I eat?

No, of course not.

But a good steak is always the leader in the clubhouse.

And let’s not forget a nice Prime Rib. Au jus. If it comes with a popover, that’s icing on the cake.



But let’s wait, we’re not talking dessert yet. And when we do, it’ll be surprisingly brief.

So, I plan ahead, in my mind, what my stomach demands for the next sit-down.

I don’t give too much thought to breakfast. It could be cereal with blueberries, English muffin with butter and cheese.

Scrambled eggs with bacon, ham or sausage.



Actually I’m bored talking about breakfast (I know, it’s the most important meal of the day).

But let’s move on.

Lunch is a bit more interesting. Like a good special teams group! 

But it never dominates my thoughts like dinner.

I adore a medium-rare burger with cheese (cheddar or swiss), raw onion and pickle.

That’s it. Not lettuce and tomato.



I’m crazy about the traditional, good hot dog. Mustard and relish. Sauerkraut, too.




By now you may think my cholesterol is way off the charts.  Well, it’s not.

That’s because I believe in balance. Like most offensive coordinators should in football. You can’t be one dimensional. 

My food tastes reflect that.

If I have steak one day, it’ll be broiled chicken, or grilled salmon the next.

Pasta with shrimp or scallops is always on the horizon.




Here’s a confession.

When I know I’m going to a specific restaurant the next day, I’ll google the place, peruse the menu, and actually have a pretty good idea what I’ll be ordering.

Maybe you should call the authorities after all.

You’ll notice I haven’t touched on vegetables. 

That’s because I don’t like to touch vegetables.

Do I ever have them? Occasionally.

Spinach, creamed spinach, peas. Ugh! Just a dollop please.

There are some I like on my team. 

I love artichokes. Can’t get enough artichokes. Mushrooms, too.




I know a prominent sportscaster who dislikes vegetables so much, he orders onion soup and tells the waiter to hold the onions.

No, I won’t throw him under the bus.

Potatoes are on the go-list.  Half a baked (not half-baked), mashed (especially garlic mashed), and naturally, fries. I call potatoes my offensive line! 

But I will NEVER fill up on potatoes or vegetables at the expense of my steak. NEVER.

There’s not much I don’t like when it comes to Italian food. Anything goes. Pizza, but don’t overdo it.

Especially dishes with tomato sauce. Who doesn’t crave for spaghetti and meatballs and/or sausages?

Ever get to try veal Osso Bucco?  Now, that’s a treat. Yum! 


Then there are always the “trick” plays.

Chinese food is always a timely alternative. 

I’m a traditionalist there as well. 

I loved egg rolls as a kid, and still do. Fried rice with chicken, pork and beef work as well.

Dumplings of any kind.



I wouldn’t mind going out for more Indian dishes. Curry is yummy.

Tuna is a big favorite. A tuna salad sandwich. Tuna tartare. Ahi tuna steak. And of course, sushi and sashimi.

I’m obsessed with sausages. Beyond hot dogs, a/k/a knockwurst.

Bratwurst, Kielbasa, Italian sausage, spicy and not. You name it, I’ll have it.

Sausages are like a dependable fullback.

I guess we’ll finish with dessert.

Isn’t that how meals wind up?

Frankly, I’m not big on dessert, which puts me at a vast minority.

An array of cheese and crackers suits me. It also makes all you lovers of chocolate cake, sundaes, and all that sweet stuff shake your heads and frown on my dessert tastes.

My all-time favorite is pumpkin pie. 


Growing up, my Dad would bring home pumpkin pie when we watched a TV football show on Wednesday nights. 

If you add whipped cream I will politely hand the pie back to you.

No whipped cream.

Now I am hungry.

I already know I’m having scallops and pasta for dinner.

But it’s time for lunch.

I’ll check out the fridge. See what draft picks are out there.

Food is never far from my thoughts.  Its like getting ready for the next game! 

Just the way I like it!