Mets’ Superior Pitching Still Holds Center Stage

When I think of a Royals-Mets World Series matchup, one with little history, it brings to mind a 1978 trade. KC sent right-hander David Cone to the Mets for a catcher, Ed Hearn with others involved. Cone won a Cy Young award and pitched a perfect game but not with the Mets. There, he was on the same staff as Doc Gooden, a great one.

Pitching again holds center-stage for the New Yorkers. A truly top-notch starting corps and closer.
The Royals, meanwhile, have the bats. Only one team that has swept the LCS has ever gone on to win the World Series. Despite that ominous note for the Mets about the effect of a delay and the prospect of losing your mojo, I like the National League Champions to trump KC.

At this time of year, I’ll always take the arms who throw over the arms who swing.
I’m not changing now!