Money Talks – the Reason Why Most NFL Players Change Teams

Money talks.

That’s the reason why most NFL players change teams.

Even if it means going from a contender to a team with little chance. There are countless examples of players who were content to join mediocre clubs for the money.

And we’ve seen how their performance reflected the fact they were now comfortable.

That’s the reason why many golfers have ditched the PGA Tour for the Saudi-backed LIV Tour.


Huge guaranteed money eliminates the intense desire to practice and prepare to compete to win. The payout is there, win or lose.

That’s the reason why west coast schools like UCLA and USC will play in the Big Ten, mostly made up of colleges in the Midwest. 




The teams from those two conferences used to play in the Rose Bowl. A one-a-year matchup of champions from those two conferences who rarely opposed each other during the regular season.

Now all the regions in the country are blurred by the existence of two conferences, the Big Ten and the SEC.

It’s all about the cash from TV.

And on the subject, that’s why the better high school football players go to colleges which will allow more chances to make money.

Players can now make money with NIL. That means name, image, and likeness.

In one way, it’s actually a good thing to finally see the people perform before those huge crowds and schools raking in TV money finally get rewarded.

But we’ll continue to see the real good ones play for the obvious powers, Georgia, Alabama, and Ohio State. Only more so.

Now comes the news that athletes who can now transfer and not lose eligibility, be able to change schools as many times as they want.

So, if a player emerges as a star at Colgate, for example, he can transfer to Syracuse, for example, then find an agent who can get him a better deal at Penn State in the Big Ten, for example.

There you have it.

That’s why NFL games can be switched from Sunday afternoon to Monday night.

If you planned to take your little boy to a football game, knowing you’ll be back home late Sunday afternoon, forget it.

It’ll be Monday, after midnight.

That’s also why the big games in all sports start so late in the eastern time zone, thus youngsters can’t stay up to see the finish, and oldsters can’t stay awake to the see the end.




Also, that’s why there are no more baseball doubleheaders, but separate admission games played the same day.

As a kid, I loved to go to a Sunday doubleheader.

Two games for the price of one.

Long gone.




That’s why there are more teams in post-season in every sport than ever before.

Sure, it keeps interest going in cities that normally would have been looking ahead to next year.

But what are we really getting?

Teams with losing, or mediocre records make the playoffs.

They really didn’t have to play that well.

And if they happen to spring an upset or two, always a possibility, they can knock out a team that earned their way.

We know, of course, that the regular season has been diluted for years. 

We just accept it.

That’s why agents encourage ball players to sit out instead of play with minor injuries that they normally would play through.

Don’t risk further problems.

Longer shelf life for the player.  Ultimately, more you-know-what for the agent.

It’s all about the money.

This is not earth-shattering news.

And who can really blame anyone?

Actually, if you don’t try to do what is going on in all sports, and really, in all walks of life, you’re not doing your job.

It’s simply the way of the world.

The way things are.

I only bring up all the things we’ve seen and know, is to answer you question as to WHY? The next time we see something in the world of sports that seems out of whack occur, we’ll know why.