NFL Playoff Scenario is Never Certain

It’s almost humorous how an NFL season is dissected practically from the first week on, as to definitively determining who will make the playoffs and even who is on the way to the Super Bowl.

Teams that start 2-0 have laid the groundwork for a big year. Those who start off 0-2 are doomed. Maybe even their head coach won’t last the season.
Remember when the Falcons were 5-0? The Bengals 8-0?
Now Atlanta won’t make the playoffs, not even close. And Cincinnati, with their starting quarterback possibly out for the season, are given no chance to have playoff success once again.

Funny how the Patriots and Broncos were on a collision course for the AFC title. Hey, it still could happen that way, but with so many injuries on the offense side for the Pats, and a rookie quarterback now running the show in Denver, it’s hardly a slam dunk.

So Bill Belichick’s crew loses two in a row before Gronk comes back and helps the Patriots beat Houston, but the Broncos with Osweiler can’t handle the Raiders at home.

Did anyone talk up the Steelers when big Ben was hurt? Or did The Chiefs get any respect at 1-5?
I don’t think so.

Now it looks like both teams will be in the tournament.

Less so in the NFC where, other than the Falcons and the Seahawks who were 2-4 at one point, there weren’t many folks going off the deep end with Super Bowl declarations early.

Injuries pop up and can ruin anyone’s season. Getting your act together before it’s too late can save the year. We’re seeing it before our very eyes.

If you’re hot in December, you’re going places. Steelers, Chiefs, Seahawks, Packers, and somebody, anybody from the NFC East.
But that doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to what happens when the playoffs begin.
That’s another story. Momentum is not what the masses think it is. It is a myth.

So, while it’s fun to project, predict, and postulate, we have no clue as to which teams are taking the field for Super Bowl 50.

And yes, that includes the unbeaten Panthers, the Cardinals who have been solid all year,
and the defending champions from Foxboro.

There’s still a lot more drama to be played out.