NFL Season Underway With Predictions Galore

The much-awaited NFL season is underway with predictions galore by the so-called experts.
Predictions are not my thing because, in reality,
Your guess is as good as mine.
Yes, it’s easy to guess because no one, including this reporter, has any idea which team will be undone by injuries, circumstances, and anything that will happen in the future.
You might say that my predictions could be more on the mark because I may study teams more and it is my profession.
But the fact remains, fans also study the league, and can make an educated choice on which teams are the strongest and will be Super Bowl contenders.
That is, until they actually play the games and things don’t go as planned.

Nevertheless, I am about to try to offer my gut feelings, and impressions of the 32 teams…here it goes….

AFC East. There is no one who can beat the Patriots in the division, but that doesn’t mean they will reach the Super Bowl once again.
I think the Jets are the best of the rest because of QB Sam Darnold.
I also like the Bills’ second-year quarterback Josh Allen but not as much as Darnold.
The Dolphins are rebuilding perfectly. They have a treasure-chest of draft choices next year, including a pair of #1 picks both next year and in 2021. They will get their franchise QB in the process and will become a power, if they draft the right players.
I hate the word “tanking” because that infers the players won’t try hard enough to win.
That is never the case. The players don’t care about draft choices. They play to win because it reflects on them and everyone can see their performances on tape.
But the organization appears to be “tanking” because they don’t have enough talent on the field and the Dolphins simply are not good enough. Yet.

AFC North. I think the Steelers are in for a big year, especially ridding themselves of two prima donnas in Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell. This is Ben’s last shot and he knows it.
Baker Mayfield and the Browns are ready to make a playoff move. They won’t win the division but they could get there.
A team that might win the AFC North are the Ravens. Just a hunch.
The Bengals are the bottom-feeders.

AFC South. Sympathy for the Colts who lost Andrew Luck. If Jacoby Brissett can lead them to a division title, what a story that would be.
The Houston Texans have a good coach, a good quarterback who should get good protection and generally a good team.
But the front-office leadership is NOT good.
We’ll see if that makes a difference.
Jacksonville was terrific two years ago, slipped badly in 2018, and if there’s a surprise team this season it could be the Jaguars, with Nick Foles now leading them.
Forget the Titans.


Pat Mahomes


AFC West. Everything’s up to date in Kansas City. The Chiefs have Pat Mahomes.
Super Bowl here they come.
The Chargers are next in line. followed by the soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders.
Next year, the Raiders will make their move.
That leaves the Broncos and their new QB Joe Flacco. The only reason they won’t crumble is Vic Fangio, who finally gets to be a head coach at the age of 61.
The man deserves it. His defense will be outstanding.

NFC East. Eagles, Eagles, Eagles. As long as Carson Wentz stays healthy.
Otherwise it’s Cowboys, Cowboys, Cowboys.
The Giants have found a worthy successor to QB Eli Manning. Daniel Jones will take over at some point, this after the “experts” ripped the pick. They were wrong.
Washington was always known as first in war, first in peace, and last in the American League.
Let’s just say, they will likely be last in the NFC East.


Aaron Rodgers


NFC North. If you go into the off-season and your biggest need is a kicker, you’re in good shape. The Bears are in good shape, maybe great shape.
I may be alone in saying this, but I think Aaron Rodgers has been vastly overrated. Some have called him the best ever. I look at his record against winning teams, and perhaps not the best team player around, judging by his public remarks.
That’s why I like the Vikings over the Packers in the division.
Critical year for the Lions, who regressed in Matt Patricia’s first year as head coach.
But Matt Stafford is still a relatively young quarterback, and the defense should improve.

NFC South. Historically the toughest division in the conference. Not sure this time. New Orleans picked by most to get to the Big Game in February are the best in the division.
If anyone gives them a real challenge, it will be the Falcons who are better up front and have a bunch of injured defensive stars returning.
But the window may be starting to  close on Matt Ryan and Julio Jones.
The health of Cam Newton will determine whether its thumbs-up or thumbs-down on the Panthers.
Tampa Bay should perform better, but they’re stuck in a group with three other good teams.

Russell Wilson


NFC West. I see a dog-fight between the Rams and the Seahawks.
Jared Goff must bounce back for LA to again be a big factor. Not a given.
Russell Wilson’s brilliance gives Seattle a chance in any game.
A successful comeback by Jimmy Garoppolo could make the 49ers interesting.
But not against the top two clubs.
That leaves the Arizona Cardinals.
Worst in the league a year ago.
A new coach in Kliff Kingsbury, and a new quarterback, Kyler Murray, the league’s number one draft choice.
There’s considerable curiosity in what these two will bring to the NFL.
What kind of offense will they present, and how will Murray, the undersized, but spectacular speedster with the bullet arm perform?
Chapter one comes in the opener out west, and I will be covering the game on Fox, with my partner Mark Schlereth.
My thoughts coming up next week.

So there you have it.
After my diatribe of expressing my disdain for those who predict, I proceeded to go out and offer my opinion on how teams will fare in the coming campaign.
I guess I just can’t help myself.
Just take it all with a grain of salt.
And remember, your guess is probably as good as mine.




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