NFL’s Week Two Recap



I refused to fall into the trap of overreacting to the NFL’s first week of action and won’t do the same after week two.  

But there are a few early observations that bear watching. 

Why do we not go crazy after one game?

Just check out the Steelers, Saints, Dolphins, Seahawks, and Ravens to name a few. 

After whipping the Bills in Buffalo, Pittsburgh came home to lose to the Raiders. More on them later. 

After Jameis Winston “finally” got smart and avoided throwing interceptions, he tossed a pair and fell back into character.

For Miami, after beating the Patriots in New England, they lost their hopeful savior Tua the QB and were blown out by the Bills. 

Seattle winners in week one, blew a lead at home to the Titans, and lost in OT. 

Never count out the Ravens who went down for the count in Vegas, then won in spectacular fashion behind their ultra- spectacular QB Lamar Jackson. 

Lamar Jackson



But it can go either way with him as we’ve seen. 

So we’ll see. 

Same goes for Kyler Murray in Arizona. The Cards are 2-0. 

But we’ll watch how that goes. 

There is no question when those young quarterbacks deliver, they can take your breath away.  

The name of the game is consistency, and if they can perform like Patrick Mahomes, they can be a force to be counted on. 

If not , well, you know…….?

I get the feeling this season will be special. 

There is no reason why many aspects of what we’ve seen won’t continue. 

I’m talking about games decided on the last play. 

High scoring shootouts. 

Teams trailing by a bunch, then coming back to win at the end. 

Coaches asking players if they feel they can convert on crucial fourth down plays with the game on the line, then having them come through as the Ravens’ Jackson did Sunday night. 

Field goal kickers missing when they should, and making them when there’d be no shock if they did miss. 

The so-called experts have constantly maligned QB Derek Carr of the Raiders. 

Derek Carr




But the club has backed him at every turn. 

It’s way early, but so far their faith has paid off.  

Tom Brady plays and looks like he’s 24, not 44, but that defense better start living up to their Super Bowl-victory performance.  

This can be a significant week for four teams, the Panthers, Cardinals and Broncos and Raiders.  


Only the Cards, and maybe the Raiders were considered long-shot  playoff contenders of the four.  

But the trio have all come out of the gate 2-0 and could very well become 3-0 after this week’s games. So far, ex-Jets QB Sam Darnold is managing his offense well. 

Sam Darnold



The Panthers play the Texans, then the Cowboys in Big D.  

The Cards face Jacksonville, followed by the Rams. 

Denver is matched-up with the Jets before traveling to Baltimore. 

And the Raiders  are back home for the Dolphins with the division-rival LA Chargers on deck. 

For all four, a  clear path to an impressive 3-0 beginning, with much tougher challenges following.  

At first glance, the first two weeks have produced wild, high scoring contests. 

You would think betting the OVER and not the UNDER for total points in a game might be the way to go, if you’re so inclined. 

But surprisingly the UNDER has had the edge.  

I bring this up because betting has become the rage for the NFL, perhaps nothing new in practice, but certainly if you watch the multitude of the radio and TV commercials dealing with the subject. 

NFL Betting


The league is all for it. 

Once upon a time gambling on the games, and the various features around it, was a major taboo. 

No more. 

There were two fears. 

One, the chance of  fixing results or shaving points by players, coaches, even officials. 

Two, a bad look for those who might become addicted and have it affect their lives.  

Personally I have nothing against the trend and here’s why. 

Those involved in the game are paid extremely well. 

To bribe one of the principals so that a huge amount would be placed on a particular team would change the point-spread to the extent the game probably be taken off the board.  

As for people throwing their money away, it’s no different than teams being sponsored by beer companies. 

You can’t eliminate the possibility of addiction of any kind in life. 

Betting has been an acceptable way of life for soccer in Great Britain and beyond for as long as anyone can remember. 

Commercials and advertising gambling is a new way of life in the NFL.   

Life does change. 

Haven’t we seen all aspects of life change before our very eyes?