In My Opinion – Jimmy Cannon Style

When I was growing up, there was sports columnist who wrote for one of the New York newspapers. His name was Jimmy Cannon and every once in awhile he wrote a column titled, “Nobody Asked Me, But.”  He would proceed to run off opinions he had on anything in the world of sports and would even delve into other aspects of life he thought about.
I eagerly awaited those columns, and while I am no Jimmy Cannon, one of the greats, I like to offer my opinion on things randomly selected so here goes:I actually agreed with Johnny Miller when he stated not all 63’s are the same.
He was referring to the 63 carded by Justin Thomas at the U.S Open the 3rd round last Saturday. That score tied Miller who had a 63 at the Open in 1973 for the lowest round in U.S Open history. Miller’s 63 came in the final round at Oakmont.  I believe the significance of shooting that kind of score on that kind of course  ranks above the Thomas achievement.  Let’s not put down Thomas for his fabulous 63. Many have been critical of Miller for what he said. Johnny Miller should not have been the one to make that claim.It was for another golfer to say it.  It didn’t make MIller look good.

I love it when baseball fans express concern over their team when they going through a slump, as the World Champion Chicago Cubs have, and the Yankees who have been more than a pleasant surprise thus far, to name just two.
EVERY team goes through droughts in the 162-game marathon. There are no exceptions. Even the Houston Astros have slowed down a bit.
I always look at where a team is in their particular division races.
The Astros still have a double-digit lead in the AL West.
The Yankees will have to hold off the Red Sox in the AL East. Great hitting won’t get it done without outstanding pitching. That’s the Yankees weakness.
In the National League, Washington will breeze because they are strong and the rest of the division is weak. The Rockies and Diamondbacks are legitimate surprises and perhaps contenders with only the Dodgers to worry about. That’s a huge worry.
That brings us to the Cubs. The champs have been a .500 club. Their fans are pulling their hair out. I say not to worry. The Cubs are within a game or two of the division lead. Cream rises to the top. The Cubs will as well.

I’ve said this before. Kevin Durant should never be knocked for leaving the Thunder and signing with the Warriors as a free agent. Durant was playing by the rules. He tried to get OKC a title. He was able to switch to a team he felt could win. He wanted to win a championship. He reached his goal. Durant had that right and exercised it. It’s happened before and will again.

Great that the Cincinnati Reds built a statue in honor of Pete Rose at Great American Ball Park.  Rose doesn’t seem to be headed for the Hall of Fame at this point.
But when people make their way to see the Reds play, they can be reminded of one of the greats ever to play the game, as well as the man who had more base hits than anyone in history. He made mistakes after his playing days were over. But you can’t take anything away from Pete Rose, the ballplayer.

Why do we have to immediately put a rating on everything that happens in sports?
Why do some people have to say the Golden State Warriors are the greatest team of all time?  Why can’t we simply appreciate outstanding performances for what they are?
It’s folly to make comparisons, especially when there have been brilliant moments in different eras. How can you compare these Warriors with the Boston Celtics who won 11 NBA championships in 13 years. Or the Lakers with Magic and Kareem or the Celtics with Bird.  You can use the same logic in every sport.  When it comes to players it may be a bit different.  When I see Tom Brady do what he’s done I think he rises above the rest. In basketball players are always getting better. Who thought anyone could challenge Michael Jordan as the greatest. But then LeBron James came along. They’ll be someone better. But rating teams are another thing.

A couple of thoughts on things non-related to sports.
I know people are reluctant to travel, particularly overseas, for fear of danger.
You can’t blame anyone for not taking any kind of risk having seen what’s happening all over the world. It may be safer for simply not taking a chance.

Here’s my view.
Being observant and careful is always a good idea. But living in fear is another thing.
Think about it. If you think a tragic moment will occur, that means it would happen at the very time and very place you are at a specific location.
When is the right time and right place to be somewhere, not only in Europe, for example, but here at home?
Think about it.It’s wonderful to be back at the River. My wife Jamie has been coming here for practically all of her life. She is enthralled by the River, the surroundings, and the people. Jamie gets pumped up when it’s River time.
This is my sixth summer here and it grows on me each year.
I see why it’s so special.

Next week: A great local story of twin girls and their journey playing hockey and their selection to participate in a national camp in Minnesota. The sky is the limit for Mia and Madelyn Coene.