Sports, Life, and Almost Anything…Cannon Style


I grew up reading all the great sports columnists. They had different styles and when newspapers ruled the roost before the advent of television, sports talk on radio, debate formats on 24-hour sports TV, and of course, social media, that’s where you got opinions as opposed to straight reporting.
One of those columnists was Jimmy Cannon, a hardened, crusty, no holds-barred, no frills writer who often came up with an offering titled, “Nobody Asked Me, But……”
It dealt with Cannon’s thoughts on sports, life, almost anything that crossed his mind.
I loved reading it, so I thought I would go that route this time, knowing I was never the scribe Cannon was, and I would just deal with the sporting world and maybe get into other things another time. So here goes:

The reason why viewers have followed the World Series more than the NFL this fall is simple. The matchup is compelling. Fans know a great attraction when they see one.

I wonder what the 49ers brass thinks now of dropping Jim Harbaugh as head coach?

It brings a smile to my face to see the Montreal Canadians leading the pack early in this NHL season after no Canadian team made the playoffs last season.

Cam Newton is right on in his despair at being a constant victim of fouls which would be called on other quarterbacks who don’t happen to be 6’5″ 245 lbs.

Today’s youth don’t appear to be ready to invest in three or four hour sports events. It seems like fantasy leagues, artificial games, and just plain doodling on their phones fits their attention span more.

Why do the”experts” jump on and off the bandwagon of NFL teams, in particular, each week indicating a huge lack of perspective and the big picture?

There are only a handful of teams who realistically have no hope of contending for the playoffs. Cleveland, San Francisco, Chicago and Jacksonville would be the ones.
Every other team is within two or three games of the lead. Not bad for a season in its 9th week. It makes for terrific battle the rest of the way.

Back to Jim Harbaugh. How fast did he get the Wolverines back to the elite?

Show-boating players are saying ” look at me!” instead of “look at our team!”  I think it has to hurt the team in the long run.

Isn’t it amazing how the San Antonio Spurs, a no-frills group in an era of “spectacular” continue to excel playing good old-fashioned basketball with good old-fashioned players?

The same serious off-the-field difficulties that athletes have is a microcosm of society. Only they get the publicity because of who they are. Come to think of it, maybe they should.

Whoever thinks athletes are “role models” are out of step with reality. Oh, some are, and we know who they are. But they are in the minority by far.

Despite breaking rules, the fact is, the New England Patriots are head and shoulders above everyone in the NFL year-in-year-out. They may not always get the ring. But you have to go through Bill Belichick and his club to get one.

Kevin Durant had the right to sign with anyone, including the Warriors. Isn’t that what the term free agent means?

Maybe Tiger Woods had the ultimate star power. But I like today’s array of young outstanding golfers. But I still hope Tiger can be a presence again.

As for reaching Jack Nicklaus’ record of winning 18 majors, that ship has sailed for Woods.