The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence.

These are sobering times in which we live.

Without question, unforeseen.

For the most part, this space deals in the world of sports, which is insignificant right now to the larger issues of health, jobs, finances, and the way we conduct our lives.

Still, with the problems we are facing, one of the escapes we could have relied on, was sports.

Spending more time away from gatherings large and small, and more time inside, it is ironic that following the happenings in the games people play does not exist at a time it would have been more welcome than usual.

Thus, the sound of silence.

No spending a day or night at a ballpark or an arena. No turning on the television to watch a game. 

Any game. Any sport.

There is no question you can feel the emptiness. Especially at this time of the year. The stretch run in the NBA and NHL leading up to the playoffs. 

March Madness.




Opening Day, launching another baseball season.

The Masters and other PGA events leading up to, and beyond.

Tennis tournaments, and soccer overseas.

Who knows the fate of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo slated for the end of July?

Hopefully, the crisis will ease off and things start to get back to normal, including the sports we love to follow.

Sports, remember, is an escape from our troubles and woes, and now we don’t have that escape.

This is not going to proceed in a gloom and doom manner.

In fact, I have a few suggestions on how to fill the time without sports.

Learn to play Bridge. It’s a simple card game……no….I guess not.

How about playing chess? If you want to play a game that REALLY doesn’t involve gatherings large and small, try chess. Particularly against a computer. It will use up a lot of time. 

No….I guess not. It may be like Bridge. Learning a difficult game.

Watch old films. That doesn’t take much of a learning curve. Anyone can do that.

There are some terrific classics you might not have seen. I could see Casablanca a hundred times.

In fact, I think I have.

But you’re not limited to old movies. There are wonderful new ones as well. Start from the 80’s or 90’s and go forward. You can always find a film you like.


Did you ever think of reading a good book?

It could be a spy novel, or a mystery. There are plenty of detective books out there. Well written too.

But if you prefer non-fiction, there is a multitude of stories about people and events that will entertain and inform.

You can find old sports classics on TV or on U-tube. Maybe you’ll find some of mine. You can re-live some of the top moments from the past. You’ll see the action on the field, or court, and hear and see the fans as well.

Something that wasn’t going to happen if they had decided to continue to play.

Take a nap. But make sure you only take one nap a day. That’s your limit.

Listen to music. What’s more peaceful than that? It could be the kind that calms your anxieties, if you have them,

Make you smile. 

Or, if you desire up-beat sounds, such as marching music, you can get revved up and maybe go out and take a walk.

Let’s not forget exercise.

Clean out your closet. Ugh! Who really wants to do that?


Also, remember to stay hydrated.

Did I say, stay hydrated?

Don’t watch the stock market. Better to keep your blood pressure low.

And if you’re prone to partake in a beverage, keep in mind that it’s okay to have a Corona. Or a Corona light.

Normally, we deal with sports, or experiences in sports as well as personal events that we remember growing up and in the years after. 

But there’s nothing to delve into in sports, and certainly nothing we’ve ever experienced like this.

We do know this. From the beginning of time there have been events which have set us back and created fear and uncertainty. But they have all eventually passed. This one will as well.

I know, it’s easy to say, but hard to digest, especially when we have no idea when that light at the end of the tunnel will appear. 

This won’t be the case, of course, for those who have lost their lives. We pray for them.

There are always casualties, or else these events wouldn’t be considered serious.

My thoughts? Try to stay strong. Have faith and trust. 

This too shall pass.

But before it does, maybe you SHOULD consider cleaning out your closet!