The Sport of Fishing


One sport I’ve never written about is fishing.

If you weren’t sure, fishing is definitely a sport.

It is something that requires skill, physical exertion, and considering the multitude of tournaments throughout the world, it is competitive.

That makes it a sport.

I regret I have never done much of it, because it has tremendous appeal.

I know baseball players and golfers who talk of the relaxation, calm and overall atmosphere of fishing.

Here on the Thousand Islands on the St.Lawrence River, fishing is a way of life.

I want to learn how.

I’ve gone out a few times with Pat Snyder who is a local fixture and the one you want to connect with if you have a group that is looking for a day fishing on a boat with maybe a shore dinner afterwards.

He helped me with putting the proper bait on the line, and showed me the technique that works.

I think it was easier to learn to golf.

When I felt a tug, he helped me reel in the bass.  For the photo, he told me if you reach in and hold it close to the camera, it’ll look like I caught a big one. Those I caught were not so big.

So, I twisted Pat Snyder’s arm to write the following guest column.

After majoring in forestry and land surveying at Paul Smith’s college in the Adirondacks in upstate New York, he worked as a land surveyor for two years and then a five-year stint as a captain for Uncle Sam’s boat tours.

He has been a fishing guide for the last 40 years using the same classic wood boat he used in 1981.

He comes from a family of guides, following his father and grandfather.

I could find no better person to write about his life in fishing than Pat Snyder.

I look forward to my next “expedition”.