Carolina Panthers are Only Unbeaten Team in NFC

Three unbeaten teams left in the NFL. Never had so many so late.
Only one in the NFC.
Yes, the Carolina Panthers. We all knew that would happen, right?
Well, this is a lesson of how fortunes can change for a team, and for a quarterback.
Rewind to 2010. The Panthers win 2 games, fire head coach John Fox and owner Jerry Richardson and his organization are at rock bottom.  Little hope and no franchise quarterback.
The intention is to select the best one available, meaning Stanford’s Andrew Luck with the first pick. But Luck throws a curve. He’s staying in college for his last year.
So Carolina moves to the next best thing. Cam Newton.
We know what happens next. Newton is inconsistent, a bit erratic, and repeatedly shown on TV sitting alone on the bench with a towel over his head, seemingly sulking.
Oh well, bad luck for the Panthers. Luck comes out the following year and sparks the Colts in a big way.
Not so fast. I know Carolina has a terrific defense, but Sunday they needed points and got them. Newton has delivered. Luck is a top-notch QB, will probably win a couple Super Bowls.
But the Panthers now 8-0 and having won 12 straight regular season games dating back to last year, have emphatically bounced back.
Jerry Richardson has a strong team, a Super Bowl contender, with a quarterback.
Now the sight of Cam Newton with a towel over his head doesn’t look so bad, does it?