Tony Romo – One of the Heroes of the 2016 Dallas Cowboys

The biggest phenomenon of the NFL season began in August.
It all happened in a pre-season game, the first one of the year for the Dallas Cowboys.
It was of little interest to anyone outside of Dallas, and even those rabid fans might have given it only a cursory glance.
In that game, the Cowboys lost to the Rams who played their first game back in L.A. before over 90,000 fans. But that wasn’t the story that had it’s beginning that night. The Rams scored 21 unanswered points to rally from a 24-7 deficit to win. No big deal. It was the first pre-season game and no one pays any attention to that. But in that contest, a rookie quarterback, selected on the 4th round from Mississippi State named Dak Prescott was impressive in sparking the Cowboys to that early lead.

It made for a nice story because perhaps Prescott might have a shot at gaining a spot on the roster. Everyone was hopeful that this would finally be the year, 36-year old Tony Romo could finally lead the Cowboys out of the abyss to the playoffs, maybe a division crown and maybe even better than that.
In the third game of pre-season Romo, who has had back problems in the past, suffered a broken bone in his back against the Seahawks and would miss 6-10 weeks. A major blow to Dallas’ hopes.

Now, Prescott was who won the back-up spot, would have to shoulder the load.
The club decided not to pursue a veteran QB from the outside as the Vikings decided when they acquired Sam Bradford when starter Teddy Bridgewater went down.

Now the season. The Cowboys dropped their opener at home to the New York Giants 20-19. They haven’t lost since, going into this past weekend’s game against the Ravens. 8-1, best record in the league.

You may think this story is solely about Prescott, who has had the blessing of a super rookie running back, Ezekiel Elliott and an offensive line that is the finest in the league.

No, it’s also about Tony Romo, who is back, healthy and ready to go. But the Cowboys are not about to upset the applecart by going away from Prescott, who will not only be a Rookie of the Year candidate with Elliott, but an MVP possibility too.

Romo, will sit behind Prescott for now, and in a heart-felt, emotional statement, expressed what it is like to be watching instead of playing, and being a part of what is shaping up to be a memorable season for the Cowboys.
Finally, with a team worthy of really going places, Tony Romo has to be on the sidelines after all those years of frustration and ultimate disappointment .
But Romo did more than just talk about his personal innermost feelings.
Tony Romo declared his total support for Prescott, understood the decision to go with the rookie was the right thing to do, and vowed not to be any kind of a distraction to the team’s success and drive to continue their remarkable campaign.
It was one of the most unselfish acts of support I have ever seen when we have all been a part of comments that divide teams and cause ruin.
What Romo did was tighten the bond of the Cowboys even stronger.
You couldn’t ask for a veteran leader to do more.
You kind of know what he’s going through.
But in a move that will be remembered long after this season is history, regardless how it turns out, Tony Romo established himself as one of the heroes of the 2016 Dallas Cowboys.

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Dick Stockton