You, the Weather, and You

What’s the one thing everybody notices every day of their lives?

Give up?

It’s the WEATHER.

Do you really think I’m going to write about the weather?

You bet I am.

You can call it small talk, but the fact is that the weather is what we see and feel immediately each day that it’s mentioned so often.

And why not?“Isn’t this a beautiful day?”

When it is said, it is said with the utmost sincerity and appreciation.

What’s better than that?

It makes people’s mood better.

It inspires them.

It makes them smile.

It makes them happy.

Oh, there may be things that are not so good that occur on a beautiful day, but at least it started well.

You can’t have everything.Of course, not every day is a beautiful day, in case you didn’t know.

What then?

Well, you have two choices.

You can be glum and unhappy in the midst of fine weather, or you can accept and even embrace it.

That all depends on your attitude.

If you’re sour to begin with, the weather will only be the beginning of could be a miserable day.

It never pays to blame the weather.

Don’t use it as an excuse.Let’s jump into the alternatives to an ideal day.

Say, it’s raining.

The first thing people like to say is “we need this rain”.

Who says?

Who needs it?

We don’t.

But we have it.

So accept it.

Call it a change of pace. The sounds of a good rain are sweet.

Flowers love it.  Just ask them.

A rainy day means we’ll have to think about a cover so we  don’t get drenched.

Umbrellas are a pain to carry, use, and store wherever we go.

Did you think a rainy day was going to make things easy?We live in Florida and Arizona so we don’t see snow anymore.

Our summers are way upstate in New York where the weather is ideal for the season.

I grew up in the east so snow was part of the weather picture every year.

The first day it snows is a magical time.

It usually comes before the first frost has set in.

This is a truly beautiful time. We always adjusted to the cold. Cold and strong winds are another thing.

The wintry weather that sets in around late November, December, even January is invigorating and delightful.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the winter would start to ease up in mid-February?

But wait a minute.

There are many who relish the winter for skiing and all those activities that make the end of the year and the beginning of the new one special.

I think, though, from my experiences most of my life, the winter weather began to get old, very old when March came around.

The mix of rain and snow, producing sleet and slosh may rank near the bottom of the top ten rankings of weather.Then comes the thaw, and the signs of spring.

It usually starts with the birds.

They’re back and letting everyone know they’re happy.Actually I adored the turning of the seasons most of my life. Only in the past decade or so have I clung to warm weather, gentle breezes and calm.

If you’re a golfer, the shorter the winter the better.

Same for boaters, tennis players, pickle ball players, and those who long to find a beach and watch the waves come in.Personally, the weather has never affected my mood.

I can be in a good mood when you don’t want to go outside.

I can be in a bad mood when the sun shines brightly.

It’s best to try to stay in a good mood.

How’s that for sage advice?So, whatever it is outside, accept it, appreciate it, and simply go with it.

You know it always changes, just don’t change according to the weather.If you do, believe me, you’ll go nuts!