The 12 Days of Christmas. A Letter to Santa…

It’s Christmas week. So it’s time for a letter to Santa and some wishes for the new year.

Let’s call this the 12 days of Christmas.  
All together now……On the first day of Christmas…….

Here’s to a surprisingly good year for the Syracuse basketball team. Lots of inexperience, not expected to go very far, let this season be an exciting preview of what should be a banner year next season.

While we’re at it, let’s see a football revival for SU, finally, where the kind of euphoric victory over top-ranked Clemson becomes more of the rule than the exception.

Here’s hoping the ugliness of illegal recruiting and NCAA violations give way to school’s really playing by the rules and everyone playing on a level field.

While nothing can be done now to alleviate the countless tragedy of brain damage to football players from past years, let’s hope actual improvements in equipment can stem the tide going forward, if it’s at all possible.

On a similar note, let’s root for a full recovery for those quarterbacks who suffered season-ending injuries. For Ryan Tannehill, DeShaun Watson, Carson Wentz, to name those who dramatically affected their team’s fortunes, get back better than ever. An early gift for Aaron Rodgers who is giving the Packers renewed hope right now.

I realize he’s had self-inflicted problems, but here’s hoping Tiger Woods not only returns on a regular basis, but enjoys the game, his fellow players and a stable life, which I think will make him a content human being.

Remember the story of the twin girls, Mia and Maddie Coene from Clayton, whose hockey exploits opened doors to future education, and continued achievements on the ice? Mia is now headed for Princeton. For Maddie, she has yet to chart her course, but we all wish successful futures for both.

Christmas came early for the Yankees and their fans with the acquisition of slugger Giancarlo Stanton from the Marlins. Teamed with Aaron Judge in the lineup, the Yanks may appear unbeatable. But remember, the team with the best pitching will win.
Always has, always will.

Let’s all pray for the safety of not only the American athletes, but those from all over the world, at the Winter Olympics coming up in Seoul, South Korea. As it’s turned out, the site of the Games is in a dangerous part of the world.

How about a break in the water level of the St. Lawrence River this spring and summer. Some of us look forward to getting our boats out without delay. Just sayin’ !

Here’s hoping next season will be different for the NFL in this regard:
That players who have a cause and the right to protest can continue to do so in a way that does not diminish the respect for the American flag, and the anthem, which represents the freedom we all enjoy, gained by the men and women who fought, and lived or died, protecting our great country.

And on the 12th day of Christmas, a heartfelt wish for a healthy and happy holiday and 2018 to every single one of you.



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